1468HP Corvette Birthday Surprise! - Breaks 200mph Half Mile Record

On this episode we feature Vengeance Racing and some of the baddest corvettes around. They were the first to crack 200mph with a supercharged Corvette! Ron from Vengeance Surprised his customer chuck for his birthday with a bunch of new goodies. Chuck had no clue and his reaction was priceless. He originally had a novi 2200 system with an lsx 427.... it was about two years old. Was making 1050whp and running 187mph in 1/2 mile. He brought the car to Ron to pull the engine and freshen it and add billet ccw crank with low lash solid roller valve train. The plan was to upgrade to larger blower down the road when funds would allow. Ron decided that he could not build such a badass engine and stick it back in the car with the same little blower. He said "Chuck does a ton for us and everyone around him and is just “one of the good guys”.... so we started selling all of his parts to cover the cost of the new parts. We sold his novi kit and upgraded to an f1x kit... upgraded his clutch for the added power as well as his fuel system. We powder coated everything in the engine bay black to match. Car ended up making like 1468rwhp all said and done." They unveiled the car at the event which was also his birthday weekend. He literally cried half dozen times. Truly speechless.... The red Vette owner Slavko is good friends and he owned the supercharged Vette record at 198mph.... so now these two guys have same combination and battle it out at the event, but chuck was first to crack 200mph.