TRC Impactful Moments

John Odom GTR Reveal

TRC was given the opportunity to follow John Odom, part of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, on his journey to unveil a brand new controversial car on the show—his 4,000HP screw-blown hemi powered R35 GTR. It was a historic moment for the TRC team as well as a monumental moment on the show, as the majority of cars are tried and true domestics. We’ve since covered John and his GTR at many other prestigious events such as TX2K and World Cup Finals and we look forward to being there for his next big adventure.

TRC R32 GTR Build

For more than half a decade, TRC has come together as a team to create one of the baddest R32 GTRs in the United States through hard work, innovation, and the help of the incredible worldwide community we’ve been fortunate enough to build since our start. It hasn’t been easy, but it has helped pave the way for future projects as well as create some incredible memories for our team.

Tanner’s Story

After a tragic motorcycle accident, Tanner was left paralyzed from the waist down and with an amputated leg. He was told he’d never walk again or be able to enjoy life in the same way again. His passion for cars helped him push through the long recovery process where he’s now defying the odds and walking, golfing, driving manual cars, and living life to the fullest. Tanner’s story remains one of the most emotionally impactful experiences TRC has ever had the privilege to share and we are honored to have Tanner as a friend.

David Mazzei’s RX7

A few years ago at TX2K, we crossed paths with David Mazzei—the mastermind behind what we’d consider to be the pinnacle of all Mazda RX7s. This fire-breathing turbocharged 26B powered monster is truly an awe-inspiring product of hard work and ingenuity. We were lucky enough to get to know David and document the story behind his creation, leading us into a great friendship for future projects and ideas. We can’t wait to see what this mad scientist cooks up next.

Joel Grannas

To us at TRC, there is nothing more hardcore than the most elite level of stick shift racing. We’ve watched Joel Grannas go from street car extraordinaire to world record setting stick shift racer over the last ten years. Joel is one of the most respected people at the track and has earned his place among the greats through his hard work and determination. The TRC team has been lucky enough to document his journey over the years to share with our audience. We feel privileged to be able to document history for racers like Joel in a world where the threat to eradicate combustion engines grows greater every day. We could be one of the last generations to experience this level of grassroots racing and we feel it is our duty to share that with the world.